Why men feel miserable

Women like different men, at different times.

Sometimes, you fit perfectly into the masculine archetype she’s attracted to at the moment, and things will be ridiculously easy.

Others, no matter how good your game is, it will be an uphill effort.

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The only way to overcome the unfair entropy of the dating process is to develop what I often refer to as ‘real masculine abundance

In other words, you try to keep as many doors open with different women as possible so that you’re never desperate and begging for one specific girl to take you.

However, this doesn’t mean you should never settle with one great loving woman if you choose to…

…But you should be resourceful and confident enough to move on and find new romantic partners in the future if things do not go as planned.

The opposite of this is what most men, unfortunately, experience: scarcity.

A chronic state of insecurity, misery, and thirst for female attention often culminating in prioritizing women’s needs over your own.

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