Why men feel lonely (the #1 crisis in masculinity)

It’s a fact: being a Man in today’s society is a pretty tough job.

Despite all the illusions of freedom, opportunity, and abundance, many guys still lead very one-dimensional, severely limited, and socially-scarce lives.

And most of these issues can be reconducted to one common cause: loneliness

Countless men out there, even if they don’t publicly admit it, are living in a chronic state of isolation, with no one to call or ask for help if they ever need it.


Social circles are shrinking.

In fact, recent studies conducted on the US population have shown that nearly one in five men completely lack close friendships, and only a tiny 12% of the male population can say of having more than six friends in their life.


This is bad news, especially when you consider that it’s nearly impossible to succeed at anything significant in this world without other people backing you up.

Take dating…

Approaching and seducing beautiful women will easily turn into an excruciating, annoying task the moment it becomes your only way to meet women at all. Paradoxically, having many female friends will improve your game as much, if not more, than learning how to cold-approach.


Running a business will drain every ounce of energy and happiness you have…

…If you have to do it all by yourself without any close collaborators while working from your laptop and spending most of your day without talking to a living soul.

I think it’s pretty clear by now: to live an epic life, you need epic people around you.

But I’m not just talking about coworkers and old buddies from school you can grab beers with on a Friday night.

I mean real trusted friends and collaborators.


People who got your back in the darkest of times and who will help you achieve your wildest dreams.

If you currently lack such friends in your life and don’t know where to find them, I strongly encourage you to watch my latest video.

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