Got any real friends? (take this test)

Tricky question: how many real friends do you have?

Take your time to answer.

Got one best buddy? Five? Ten of them?

Now think about this: would these people deliberately expose themselves to risk to help you out in moments of adversity?

Cross those who wouldn’t off the list.

How many friends left?

If you’re like most men out there, including me when I first started my journey in the early aughts, you will probably end up with a low number of ‘real’ friends.

And don’t be surprised if that number amounts to close to zero.

See, in our hyper-connected, digitally dominated world, it’s easy to confuse passing acquaintances or chat buddies with having a truly cohesive social circle, but in reality…

One is an illusion.

For example, it’s not that unusual to find guys who regularly hang out with dozens of people like coworkers, gym bros, and ex-uni buddies without really bonding individually with any of them.

They may get to experience the odd night out and share beers but totally miss the #1 thing true friendships are about:


Captain Planet Hero GIF by Droplet Adaptogen Drinks

Simply put, real friends don’t just party with you. They also work and fight by your side to help you succeed in every key area of your lifestyle like business, dating, and especially your mental and emotional wellbeing.

To learn more on how to get real friends and dramatically improve your current relationships, watch my latest video linked below.

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That’s it for today! More on the Academy coming soon, can’t wait to show you what I’ve prepared for you this year 😉

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