Is it wrong to use women for your pleasure?

Women need to feel strongly desired.

No matter how good your conversation and flirting skills are, if she doesn’t feel you deeply want her, she’ll never really think of you as a lover material.

This is different than being needy or thirsty, it’s the self-assured dominant aspect of masculinity and this is one of the core foundations of successful dating, yet most men are not comfortable nor aware of it.


Accept that you want her and be ready to take her.

That’s what core masculine Intent boils down to.

Ask yourself…

Are you ok with deliberately using girls for your own pleasure and enjoyment?

And by ‘using’, I do not mean taking advantage of them or manipulating them into obeying you –– that’s despicable.

What I suggest is being capable of shutting down the constant need for reciprocating and asking for permission and just focusing on enjoying your own experience.

In the end, if you cannot please yourself first, how can you expect to be deeply seductive to other people?

Paradoxically, this will not only massively benefit your self-esteem and seductive results but will also greatly increase connection and intimacy with the majority of the girls you date.

It’s a very empowering feeling for both women and men to momentarily surrender control and be exploited by others as tools for unrestrained desire and lust.

You just have to let loose.

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