2 Steps To Get Every Girl To Say ‘YES’

Your seductive potential is directly proportional to how you handle women’s objections.

Plenty of guys give up way too soon, often confusing a ‘not yet’ with a resolute ‘no’.

Others try to pierce through girls’ resistance with arrogance and sleaziness, creeping them out and encountering the inevitable rejection.

Reality is that objections are to be expected with pretty much any girl you date, so knowing how to solve them in a lighthearted and relaxed manner will pretty much make the difference between a life of abundance and one of frustration and scarcity.

The good news is that there’s no complex formula to learn to be successful at this.

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All you have to do is execute two basic actions: acknowledging and overcoming.

The first one is about making sure she feels heard and understood in her moment of resistance. Many girls do not comply initially with requests like going to your place for drinks or even giving you their number because they don’t feel safe about it.

Perhaps they don’t know you enough to trust you, or they don’t want to feel like ‘one of those girls’, and so they start resisting your seductive moves. Your duty here is to listen to each girl carefully and determine whether she just needs to be reassured about it or if there’s really nothing you can do (e.g., she really has a boyfriend and doesn’t want to text you).

The second part is the trickiest one: once you address her logical and emotional worries, you must go back to seducing her. Don’t spend more time than necessary diving into her insecurities, or she’ll categorize you as the ‘male friend she does therapy with’ and will lose all attraction.

For a detailed explanation and practical demonstration of these concepts, watch my latest video by clicking on the link below:

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Knowing how to consistently approach and get attractive women on dates in real life without needing others to introduce you at parties or hope for some miraculous Tinder moment is the keystone for feeling free and fulfilled as a man.

Over the past fifteen years, as I coached several hundred students in person and tens of thousands online on how to improve their success and relationships with girls, it became apparent how the most successful guys are masters at two things: approaching and closing.

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