Why being nice to women sucks (if you expect something back)

Being nice carries a terrible ROI…

…If you expect people, and women specifically, to be nice back to you.

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See, there is no unwritten rule of life or the cosmos that states that being very complaisant and providing unsolicited favors to others entitles you to get social or sexual rewards from them.

It’s a losing strategy.

One that countless ‘nice guys’ have been using for eons hoping to get girls to like them in return.

It rarely works, and even if it does it means you’ve attracted women that value only what you can provide to them rather than the real you.

If you recognize yourself in the above, it’s fundamental that you stop what you’re doing and start implementing a new system for getting what you want from people in your life.

I call it ‘the godfather method’.

In short, you deliberately act on your intentions, not hiding your true motifs as most nice guys do, but consistently give out small bits of value to others that is not so expensive to you (i.e., career advice, cooking for a night, hosting a party, epic sex).

Do this for a length of time, and you will build tons of trust, respect, and likability with people who will gladly help you back whenever you ask them to (for example, by introducing you to several attractive female friends).

To learn more about how to self-diagnose a chronic nice guy syndrome and then make the transition to a healthier and more effective approach to getting the most out of life, watch the video below:

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