Master this skill —> get dates in 2022

Let’s get to the point: 365 days of new opportunities.

Last year was a very uncertain and tentative time for most of us.

We expected freedom and unrestrained fun like in the good old days, but we got a slow burn, marathon-type of return to normal.

Nevertheless, for hundreds of brave TNL brothers, it was one of the most socially-productive and seductively-rewarding years of their lives.

That goes to show that by following proven strategies and taking massive action, anyone can make rapid upgrades in his lifestyle, even during a global crisis.

Now, if I had to pick a single thing you should tackle first to guarantee epic lifestyle success in 2022…

that would definitely be mastering the art of cold-approaching

However, this is not merely about chit-chatting to girls on random occasions like when waiting for the bus.

It’s a conscious decision to walk up to any woman you’re attracted to, no matter where you are, and start a conversation with the intent of meeting her again on a date.

Might sound terrifying or unrealistic to you right now, but it’s something anyone can learn in a few weeks or months by mastering some basic steps.

The best place to start? Watch my latest video linked below.

It’s a detailed ‘caught-on-camera’ compilation of five of the best approaches I and Alex Leòn did in 2021, from the ‘hi’ to getting her number and setting up the date.

Click below to watch it:

P.S. Want to work directly with me and my team in 2022 to take your seductive life to the next level?

Our first 7-day workshop runs from May 9th-May 15th, 2022, in Budapest, Hungary, and one-third of the available spots are already booked.

If serious about wanting to learn how to approach, get on dates, and back to your place several stunning women this year, click on the following link to speak to the enrollment team:

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