When Should You Start Approaching Hotter Girls?

When it comes to approaching, if you have very little experience with women should you be matching your standards to your skill?”

Punching Above Your Weight In Seduction

When it comes to approaching, if you have very little experience with women should you be matching your standards to your skill?”

I actually hear this question a lot as I’m constantly interacting with men of a varied level of skill, from guys who are brand new to approaching on our workshops to more advanced students wanting to date models and have threesomes.

It can be a confusing conundrum. On one hand, if you only ever go for the girls that are WAY hotter than you’ve gotten before, you might end up getting frustrated and burnt out from the lack of results. At the same time, it can feel really lousy just dating ordinary girls and feeling like you deserve better.

Back In My Day...

When I look back to starting out in 2006, I approached all sorts of girls.

I hate to use a crude number scale rating, but I had sex with a bunch of girls I would now lovingly call “friendly five’s” and “saucy sixes”.

To be real with you, I had some great times fucking chubby girls or pretty girls with something weird going on like a lazy eye or an odd body. They were sexy and had something going on, but just weren’t that hot.

At the time I had so much to learn about sex, women, and how the whole seduction process actually worked. These were the girls who would give me the time of day considering my growing skill set, and so I took that opportunity to share a great time with a girl and to learn something.


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Learning The Ropes

If you’re just starting out like I was, the early days can be a sweet space to be in and one that you should enjoy.

That’s not to say I didn’t approach the stunners either. Not all the time, admittedly. Sometimes I would pussy out. But the ones that I did get, here and there, were incredible learning experiences for me.

I either figured things out as I went along, adjusting as need be and picking up after myself, or saw a gaping hole in my skill set that needed to be addressed.

This process of constantly reflecting on my abilities and refining them was eventually consolidated in a course I’ve put together called the ‘Dating Accelerator’. I was lucky enough during this beginner stage to have a group of role models around me who I could learn from, and a keen determination to get this handled no matter what the cost.

Meanwhile I know a lot of guys starting out don’t have that same atmosphere or drive, and those early disappointments, girls flaking, harsh rejections, walking home empty handed can take it’s toll. By taking the ‘Dating Accelerator’ online course you’ll ensure you have a solid understanding of the key fundamentals you need to make this period a lot smoother so you can get to the good part. Be sure to check it out by clicking here.

Putting Yourself In HER Shoes

If you’re only going for amazing women, and you can’t compete with guys who have a higher sexual marketplace value than you, you’re going to have a really hard time. I’m talking about guys that are more attractive than you, have more to offer, are more connected or who have better game.

Take a moment to put yourself in her shoes.

Let’s say it’s a young girl, maybe 19, and she’s a model. She’s living in a world where she is professionally beautiful, and needs to be interacting with some big players, professional photographers, event managers, club promoters, you get the idea.

When she meets you, she’s going to be asking herself “What’s in it for me? He wants to fuck me, but so does every other guy!”.

See what I mean?

That’s not to say you won’t get there eventually. But for now, you need to be realistic about what level you’re at, and what results you can expect. Take stock of your current situation and just focus on the next step, not getting to the top of the mountain from base camp.


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