When a door closes… TNL Responds to COVID 19

If you want to know if it’s possible to lose all the progress you’ve accumulated in the past X months while approaching girls, give this article a read

March 22nd 2020. We are all living through very strange and unpredictable times and in the past couple of weeks, the world around us has changed dramatically. If you’re in Europe you’re probably undergoing some sort of nationwide domestic lock-down to prevent the further spread of COVID-19. Most likely you are confined to your home. If you’re in the U.S. or Australia you have a week or so but it looks likely you’ll be in the same situation soon, as will the rest of the world.

This state of life will likely last for a couple of months or maybe more. All of us will have our lifestyles restricted and for many this will be a lonely and difficult time. This will be a very challenging moment for many men like you, as you are forced to stay at home, put your seduction and lifestyle habits on hold, and decide what to do with your time – both the time locked inside and the time after. Most people I’m sure are questioning how well they lived their lives up to this point, how much they relished and took advantage of their freedom and what changes they need to make when the gates are unlocked.

Many men reached out to us asking what TNL plans to do in terms of workshops and coaching and how you can keep improving and developing in your journey of masculinity and self-growth from home. First things first, The Natural Lifestyles was born from and still operates primarily as a live coaching company. That means we travel year-round to a dozen countries to meet our students so that they can receive face-to-face coaching and learn the TNL method in a small group, intensive, setting. In our experience, this is the approach that yields the most lasting results in the shortest amount of time.


Love in the Time of Corona

Cockblocked by Corona – TNL Closing Down

For now however we are forced to suspend all live coaching and events until it is deemed safe for people to mingle in public again. This means effectively TNL is closing down until the Corona virus crisis is over or managed effectively. We intend to start teaching live again, hopefully later this year but we will not put any staff or clients in danger, so we have to be sensible and wait this out. Of course this may well change but if we’re able to travel and so are you, we’ll be back on the streets. Although for the coming months we won’t be on the road, changing lives on the streets of the busiest cities in the world, we won’t be disappearing completely.

After a 72-hour crazy escape through eastern Europe, bouncing from Kiev to Budapest to Lisbon we finally arrived at my farm in Northern Portugal as the borders closed behind us. So now that leaves myself, Liam, Alex and Shae locked in on my property for at least a month, and maybe much longer. We’re prepped and supplied and going to use the time to build an organic permaculture farm and complete my retreat centre, ready for an epic Warrior Training once the world goes back to it’s new normal.

This also means that some of the world’s greatest minds on seduction, lifestyle engineering, internal metamorphosis and mastering & leveraging the digital swipe generation are in one house with plenty of time to kill and a whole lot of ranting to do. So expect lots of new content, podcasts and a killer new online academy launch in the coming weeks, where you’ll be able to get on weekly calls with me and the team to prep your mindsets, body and lifestyle survival plan for the inevitable reopening of planet earth.

The question most people seem to have have right now is:

Can I keep improving in my journey of self-growth and masculinity from home? Will I lose all my progress I accumulated in the past X months approaching girls?”

The answer is yes you can. It has everything to do with how you use the seemingly infinite amount of time in your hands right now. You can choose to spend your quarantine days binging on Netflix, porn and junk food or you can make the best of what you have and practice meditation, inner game work, and physical activity to become stronger in a tough time like this. Right now all your favourite TNL coaches are locked down in cities and countryside around the world. Liam, Shae, Alex, Jon and Kurt are all available for private hourly coaching calls to work through your personal plan for capitalizing socially and personally on this challenging time. 



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