Will TNL Stop Teaching Seduction?

Is “male-oriented dating advice” still relevant?

“I saw that you removed some of your best videos from the TNL YouTube channel, wtf is going on?! Can you re-upload them for just a couple of days?”.

As you may know, we removed many of our old videos including: Infield pickup, movie roasts & #AskTheNaturals series from our YouTube channel, due to warnings about possible channel takedowns of seduction related material. In other words, online censorship is becoming increasingly stronger and more punishing towards the topic of “male-oriented dating advice”. Some of the more extreme PUA channels have already been deleted and there is a risk we will get caught up in the same purge.

After consulting with our marketing and PR team and after our biggest competitor called me to warn us of the dating coach armageddon (you can guess who it was)... we decided to stay on the safer side, in order to be able to keep releasing quality content for you on a weekly basis and not risk having our platform to communicate with you nuked. The great news is that we’re currently working on setting up an independent platform to eventually be able to release content without any limitations. Those videos will eventually be put back up, I’ll keep you posted.

“Are you guys still teaching seduction? If so, how do the new workshops connect to it?”

Rest assured, The Natural Lifestyles is and will always be a natural seduction company. While our original purpose remains unchanged, we continue to innovate and deepen our teaching scope. After dedicating the past 12 years of my life to coaching thousands of men all over the globe how to achieve their dream dating life, I saw the same key issues occurring over and over again. It became clear that issues with approaching and seducing women are often symptoms of a deeper condition. The real reason why you don’t go and meet that cute girl you saw on the street, don’t quit an unfulfilling job, start a business and move abroad —the things you truly want to do— is because of an unsettling feeling of unworthiness. Sure, you may lack the technical skill set needed or the right advice, but these things can be learned fairly quickly (that’s what we do on every TNL seduction workshop).

The truth is, no matter how much wealth or outward success you try to accumulate to cope with it, you’ll never feel truly good about yourself unless you decide to dig deeper and come to terms with your shadow self. The parts of you that are scared, blocked, repressed or undeveloped. Having had to deal with these issues myself, I spent a big chunk of my adult life traveling the world to meet mentors and masters in different schools of human potential. Whether through shamanic ceremonies in the Amazon jungle, training Kung Fu in China, seeking business and sexuality mentors - my quest to understand my deepest (and sometimes ugliest) self has exponentially improved my life. The lessons and quests I went through, helped to secure my own sense of being and purpose to the point where most of the “external qualities” began to improve by themselves. Using this personal foundation, I spent the last 2 years designing a workshop that would bring together an unprecedented group of world-class mentors and effective teachings that contributed to my own success and self-growth. It’s called Natural Warrior Training. This is not a substitution for the very successful 4 and 7-day intensive workshops or the infamous 10-day Eurotour, rather an additional expansion of our system focused on deep, personal work. Currently, due to the COVID-19 outbreak, Natural Warrior Training and the rest of our live workshops are on hold. The regular schedule will resume once the apocalypse is over and it's safe to meet and mingle around in the streets again.

Hope this clears up any confusion. For now, stay safe, listen to real doctors, not laptop theorists. This will pass and life will go on. We should all be using this time to reflect on our regrets and make unshakeable vows to ourselves that once the doors open, we will not waste another day. Much love to you and your people.



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