“Hey, we’re not gonna have sex tonight…”

Lots of great sex is lost every day due to gross misunderstandings.

Especially when transitioning from social to sexual, moving from the date to a wild night in the bedroom…

If you find yourself in an erotic situation and she strongly says “NO” when you try taking things forward, you should immediately stop and respect her choice.

However, what truly confuses most guys is a different type of scenario

When a woman lets you know far in advance, for example, as you’re entering your apartment together or sometimes even during the date, that she’s not gonna sleep with you.


Why does she tell you so early, and what does she mean by it?

In most occasions, women try to set things straight beforehand not because they hate the idea of sex with you but because they want it to happen spontaneously and not feel “expected” and compelled to get into bed every time they see a new guy.

So, how do you handle this unique concern and turn the situation into a win-win erotic climax?

Watch my latest video below to find out the answer:

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