This Is How You Will Get 12+ Lovers This Year

Nobody is born good with women. Every man goes through multiple phases in his dating life.

With rare exceptions, we all begin as single and clueless about how to get it on with the opposite sex.

Some guys remain celibate for years and passively hope their situation improves.


While others take the matter into their own hands, pursuing results by going out and socializing more, upgrading their wardrobe, downloading Tinder, and talking to girls in bars…

That eventually lands them some lovers, developing their understanding of women and sexual skills further.

Until they settle on one girl, commit to a monogamous relationship, and after some time break up restarting the cycle.

Do you know what separates those who quickly get it handled from those who eternally struggle in the process? Reference experiences.

Statistically, men who have dated many women in their prime years fare a LOT better romantically in the long term than those who only had a handful of people.


Not that you should base your entire confidence and identity on how many sexual partners you had…

But meeting multiple women, with diverse personalities and needs, and dating them, casually or not, will teach you tons and make you more prepared to seize any romantic opportunity you will encounter.

So, if curious to learn my favorite “strategy” to quickly get more dates, and bring new lovers into your life, predictably, every month…

Check out my latest video below:

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