How to Take Control of your Feelings & Emotions

Your purpose and masculine destiny have been long hijacked.

Trapped by social conditioning and others’ projections of who you should be and what you should aim for…

This self-prison is so powerful and intricate that every time we try to escape it, we get violently pushed back in…by insecurities, anxieties, and censorship thoughts imposed by our ego.

But there is a way out, which although not easy, will lead you to be finally in control of how far you can get in life.


The first step is learning how to master your internal emotional states.

And it all begins with one seemingly minor yet challenging action: relaxing.

Can you lie down and bring calm within yourself without being assaulted by endless thoughts and worries?

The idea is not to stop thinking but to observe your inner states without interpreting them.

You’ll notice that what you call “feelings” are just mere feedback loops brought by the interaction of your beliefs with the outside reality.

When they align, you feel great, but when they collide, you suddenly fall into a negative state.

By stopping to label your emotions, you’ll quit being controlled by them, so you can act and do as you wish despite how you feel.

To learn how to fully claim control of yourself and hack your potential, watch our latest video guide below from the one and only inner game wizard Shae Matthews:

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