Unleashing The Beast Within

Reversing years of being stuck inside your head and not taking action is not easy, but absolutely possible if you follow the right process…

The Foundations of Natural Seduction

Do you know what makes the difference between a real natural seducer and someone pretending to be one through indirect lies and speaking through a mask?

A fake manipulative seducer is just somebody who does not think himself worthy enough to date most beautiful women, and so he tries to win their attention indirectly through well-crafted stories to display higher value or buys their time with lavish gifts and experiences.

On the other side, the successful kind of direct natural seduction we teach at TNL is based on one key assumption…

Being able to express your own masculine essence authentically and unapologetically is one of the most attractive qualities a man can display. 

You need to understand that when you truly communicate who you are without filters, some women will love you and others will still reject you. It is impossible to please everyone, but it is very possible to have a higher success rate with women that are naturally attracted to your personality and the masculine archetype you embody.

It all starts by experimenting and putting your real self out there to develop a strong intuition for what it really feels like to be YOU.

But that is no easy task, especially when you have accumulated years of living inside your head, losing touch with your body and the present moment and listening to little voices that tell you you’re not good enough.. and what you deserve.

In my latest video, I just released, I and some of my mentors share unique awareness drills to help you get out of your head and start experiencing the world as it is through your senses and body.  To see what happens on my exclusive Natural Warrior program in Portugal, click here.

How to develop a Wolf-like Instinct (& Magnetise people)

When your masculine instinct is sharp, confidence, self-trust, and honest self-expression will become accessible as a result. Movement and meditation are excellent tools to get there. 

Reintroducing primal movement patterns in your life will help you to become more aware of your body and communicate non-verbally to bypass thought processes that are slowing you down and reconnect with your primitive, warrior instincts faster.

Be wary, these techniques alone will definitely help and serve a great therapeutic effect for the student but are not enough to produce deep core-level change.

That’s because they belong to just one out of six branches of a powerful masculine transformation system and coaching methodology I’ve developed over the past 12 years called the Natural Warrior Training

NWT is a week-long élite program I personally host twice per year at Natropia, my private property in Portugal. The aim is to set you on the path to becoming a highly evolved, supple and joyful man, and to develop the ability to progress not only at the societal level of success (women, money, outward achievements) but on to continual personal evolution, feeling vital, clear-headed, emotionally stable and expressive.

I created it with the specific purpose of answering the most urgent question in the tricky ––sometimes even dangerous––landscape of modern masculinity…

What goes into becoming a strong, attractive, and independent man in 2020?

If this is something that interests you and you want to know the answer, you have to act NOW!

The next round of NWT starts in October 2020, and more than half of the available spots have already been taken.

Click HERE to learn more about the Natural Warrior Training.

I hope to see you in Portugal at my house, ready to embark on a truly life-transforming mission together.



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