How To Stop Being Awkward

Physical awkwardness and a lack of masculine sensuality and coordination are not inborn, but learned. Here’s how to reverse the process…

The origins of Stiffness

How often do you work to improve your relaxing skills?

You see, lots of men dedicate gargantuan amounts of time to improve their appearance, social acumen, and seduction powers, but forgo the most important character trait that ties them all together…

The ability to be at ease with oneself and truly relax in the present moment.

Most of us have a very linear approach to lifestyle success: do more of something––reps, hustle, approaches––to get more of the desired result: a better body, more money & women.

The problem is, this obsessive focus on achieving more in the future creates a lot of tension and stiffness that, unless released, negatively handicaps the way you do things and make you feel, and sometimes appear, as an awkward” man.



Watch this video to learn more about how to stop being awkward and enter a state of seductive self-expression and awareness.

How to relax more

Truth is that relaxing is quite a complex skillset to learn because most people don’t know what being relaxed actually means, and feels like. 

A tense and rigid body will likely stiffen up your mindset and the way you communicate with others, while a supple and strong body will enhance your social success and natural self-expression. 

For most of my adult life, I’ve been fascinated and explored several physical & movement disciplines that taught me how to feel my body more and express myself freely and creatively…

Chinese Kung Fu (the raw, unfiltered discipline, as taught me by the last great masters when living for months at the Shaolin Temple), Ido Portal style of movement, Fighting Monkey, Tai Chi, awareness meditation systems, and many more others.

They all tremendously impacted my success with women and personal charm in so many ways I cannot properly acknowledge in such a short email like this. Click HERE to discover what I’m talking about. 

In the past 15 years, awareness & physical drills have become a foundational part of my live seduction workshops as a way to help students to “warm-up” and get out of their heads to be more present and sensual when meeting women.

The experience taught me that for many of them the problem of awkwardness extends far more deeply than the physical layer of life. It is connected to a core and more critical issue…

A poorly formed, self-doubting, and emotionally locked-off masculinity and sense of self.

Re-training your mind and body (learning to Flow)

This disconnection from a healthy, grounded and fully embodied masculine power is debilitating in all areas of your life. To ignite your masculine potential, to infuse your body, emotions, and mind with purpose, poise, and power, you need to take a journey of deep self-exploration.

That’s why in the past couple of years I have been experimenting with a new kind of workshop––personally taught by me and a group of élite specialists from different schools of human potential (movement being just one of them)––aimed to work on all these key areas of your hero’s journey and attractive character development…

I called it the Natural Warrior Training.

Being a warrior is much more than toughness, brute force, and resilience…

True power comes from the contrast between strength and fluidity, grace, and explosiveness. You need to be able to be gentle with close ones––empathetic and sensible––along with being a tough man that knows how to confront and quickly dominate negative people.

The next round of NWT starts in October 2020, and more than half of the available spots have already been taken. 

If you resonate with all this and want to live a more playful, sensual, and free life without any tension or blockages, click HERE to learn more about the Natural Warrior Training.



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