Afraid Of Creeping Girls Out? Read this

Women suffer from approach anxiety too. Here is how to handle it…

Approach Anxiety: a female perspective

Often when I coach guys on how to meet gorgeous girls in the street, they feel shy and anxious at the idea of talking to attractive strangers. 

It applies to both ends.

What most men ignore is that during the approach, most times, they’re not the only ones feeling anxiety

Women feel it too! 

If a guy is direct and projects his masculine intent the right way in the first few seconds of the interaction, the girl will be positively surprised and attracted, but, on some occasions, also a bit intimidated. 

Your duty as a seducer is to help her to feel calmer and more at ease about meeting you.

Tension is a great tool to master to spark arousal and excitement in a conversation but to make it really effective you need to mix it with another important quality: calibration. 

In my latest video––handpicked from TNL’s private past workshop infield archive––I take two of my courageous students in sunny Barcelona throughout their first-ever live infield session. 

Youll see how they create tension during the first approaches, and how I help them to reduce it in the next ones to make the girls more relaxed about meeting them.

Just click HERE to watch it.

How to become a more calibrated Seducer

If this is a sticking point you’re personally experiencing in your interactions with women and you’re ready to make the best out of dating life and ignite your personal transformation, now that things are slowly easing out…

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