Why even Nice Girls like it Freaky

Ever heard men making random value assumptions about women’s sex lives like:

She’s not THAT type, she’s a such nice girl”.

Or even…

She would never do that in bed! She’s not a sl*t”.

Opinions like these, especially if spoken carelessly without even knowing the girl, are the reason why so many women close up and struggle to express their full sexuality.

The truth is that ALL girls, especially the “innocent” next-door types who get reminded constantly how pure they look, want to get freaky and be ravaged in bed

dirty mind pleasure GIF by Refinery 29 GIFs

…by the right guy who does not pre-emptively judge them and has the skill set to make their erotic dreams come true.

Of course, it’s also fundamental that you introduce variety in the bedroom: there’s a time to get rough and naughty and a time to make sweet love to your woman.

If you want to learn more about how to uncover her unique desires and help her relax so that she opens up and is willing to try anything with you in bed, watch my latest video below.

In it, I, Shae Matthews, and our colleague Sir Dominic (Australia’s #1 BDSM master), dive deep into mindsets shifts and subtleties required to turn any woman into a freak in the sheets.

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