Learn to Cheat at the Rules of Modern Dating

Generational studies reveal that men are getting increasingly lonelier.

Unrealistic models propelled by social media and dating apps make countless guys question their worth.

Driving them to put in insane hours at work, in the gym, and in business to become “one day” the type of man who gets the attention of beautiful women.

Everyone tells you that if you focus on yourself long enough, the right woman will walk into your life…

Except she rarely and most likely never will.


Which leads a large number of modern men to fall into deep depressions, resentment, turning to porn, drugs and other destructive comfort habits to at least get quick dopamine releases and stay afloat.

It feels awful to be invisible.

And chances are that if you identify with any of the above, your situation is only going to get worse…

…unless you stop expecting women to notice you and develop the courage and skills to make things happen in your romantic life.

Being angry or boycotting women won’t help either, you can’t guilt them into wanting you and most men still need the feminine as they need us.

The game isn’t fair and I suggest intelligently cheating the “rules”.

Don’t try to compete solely on impersonal qualities like status and wealth. Work smarter on the emotional and seductive skills that get attractive women’s desire and attention.

To find out more on this topic, check my latest interview with relationship podcaster & coach Patricia Palombi at the link below:

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