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Things have changed


Things have changed…

In case you haven’t noticed the landscape of seduction and lifestyle design is always evolving and unless you know how to stay on track, you’ll waste a lot of time stuck with concepts that do not apply anymore. For example, it is much more common in 2020 to exchange Instagram with a woman than it is to ask for her number, but knowing how to convey your attractive personality on social media like Instagram is anything but intuitive or basic.

Ask any of the dozens of guys who remained unanswered in her DMs…

Or you might be feeling disappointed by a lifestyle and social circle that doesn’t match your ambitious expectations. In a world full of life coaches where can you find a group of real leaders who live out their principles in seduction, lifestyle design and inner game and can share their valuable perspectives on these areas. At the same time it  can be hard to find people who are like-minded in their willingness to think outside of the box with life, guys who know that it’s good to approach women, guys who expect more out of life, potential collaborators and wingmen.  

So how do you stay ahead of the curve and get really good at all of this, once and for all?

These are the kinds of problems our sell-out annual tribal gathering known as the Masculine Mastermind Conference engages with. This unique 3-day event gives you the rare opportunity to meet and greet the entire TNL team and join a powerful worldwide brotherhood of positive men. Whether you’re a beginner taking your first steps in seduction and you’re looking for the freedom to approach any woman you want in any situation, or you’re an intermediate or higher level guy struggling to achieve consistency of results and become surrounded by the top 5% of people. Our incredible team of coaches and guests, whose combined seduction and lifestyle enhancement experience exceeds over 100 years, will help you to find your own roadmap and action plan to keep developing yourself. The MMC has taken place the past three years in Budapest, Hungary. This year the usual date has been pushed forward due to the COVID 19 crisis and has been scheduled for September 25th to 27th. One attendee described the conference as “an opportunity to learn more in 3 days than in the past 3 years of my life”.

Do not waste further time with outdated concepts and gift yourself an upgrade in the way you experience life. 2020 is the year.



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