How to Make Her Friends Love You

Did you ever experience a very strong connection with a cute girl you just met only to have her dragged away from you by her jealous group of friends?

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Did you ever experience a very strong connection with a cute girl you just met in a bar or out on the street…

…only to have her dragged away from you by her jealous group of friends?!

Whenever I coach guys on how to approach and date stunning girls they meet on the street at one of our workshops the topic of dealing with more than one woman at a time always draws a lot of resistance from the students. When there’s an opportunity to approach a group of ladies the students either start making excuses not to approach, or, they dive right in ignoring anyone else but the girl they are interested in with the same result mentioned above:/

It took me four years to understand this! The truth is that when I approach a girl who is part of a group my results are often better if I also interact with the rest of the group than if I approach and just talk to the girl while ignoring her friends.

Why? Because women care about the opinions of their friends, they’re very sensitive to their perceived status and if a friend endorses you, she’s much more likely to follow up.

So how can you do it too?

First, next time you approach a girl with a group of people, do not just focus all of your energies on the girl or try to quickly ´´isolate´´ her from her friends. She will always choose them above you. Instead, be very aware of the group dynamics and think about seducing the group as a whole.

Now, here comes the tricky part…

When I talk about seducing the entire group, often guys will start to flirt with all her girlfriends, creating a very confusing atmosphere in which no girl will understand who you are interested in. The student will believe he’s doing a great job but when he later tries to make a move on the girl he wants she will probably reject him, as she feels the pressure of being chosen all of a sudden.

The good news is that the best way to go about it is the most spontaneous one: flirt with the girl you like and just be friendly to the others.


That’s it!

Do not try to get to know her friends too much, just communicate with them enough so that they understand that you’re a cool guy with good intentions. Not always, but often, her friends will turn from a potential cock blocker, to your ally. It takes courage to approach a woman, especially in front of her friends. I’ve seen women say that many times to guys and also seen them leave a guy alone with their friend once they see you’re into each other. (Or not, but that’s another story…)


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