The LAZY, No Stress Way To Meet Hot Women This Summer (Without apps, or going to clubs)

Some men think they always need to be in exactly the right “state” to successfully approach women…

Well rested, in a good mood, great levels of energy, the weather should be not too hot nor too chilly.

But the reality is that you don’t always need A-level, incredibly smooth game to get results in dating.

The idea of showing up consistently, no matter how you feel, is far more important than “how” you show up.

You should own whatever mental and energy state you’re in and adapt your seduction style to it, instead of trying to emulate a golden standard that doesn’t feel authentic in the moment.

If you’re feeling low-energy and introverted, carry on with it and allow silence, eye contact, and the expression of your burning intent in the conversation to do the work.

And when you’re feeling pumped and social, let your banter take over, and don’t be afraid to engage in longer interactions, instead of playing the cold mysterious type who doesn’t talk a lot.

Ultimately, this is about being very comfortable in your skin… Because if you can’t accept yourself, how can you expect a woman to do it?

For proof of what I’m talking about, watch my latest video below. In it, I venture into the streets of Budapest in a very lazy, low-energy mood and still manage to get it on with multiple attractive women and take home some solid results.

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