How to date your dream woman (by getting rejected a lot!)

Let’s be fair, nobody likes getting rejected.

It sucks as much on day one as it does after a decade of approaching countless women.

But what separates the beginner from the man who is actually great with the ladies is the capacity of not letting a bad interaction discourage him from continuing to find the right girl.


You’re not for everyone, and everyone is not for you as my good friend John Keegan says.

Within this duality lies the true essence of a rejection-proof mindset.

Sure, as your social skills improve and you accumulate references, you will succeed more and more at dating, but you will never fully eliminate blowouts.

Because the factors that drive a woman to turn you down are often not in your control…

Maybe you’re just not her type, she’s already emotionally invested in someone and doesn’t want to cheat, or she’s simply having a bad day or not in the headspace to meet new guys.

With these premises in mind, why would you take it so personally when she quickly dismisses you? Accept it, politely walk away, and keep going…

And when you do, you will find that after a disheartening interaction often comes an unexpected encounter with a stunning and sexy “dream” type of girl who is very much into you.

For a prime example of this concept, give a watch to my latest video below…

In it, you will initially see me getting blown out three times in a row, but if you keep watching, you’ll witness how, immediately after that I score a fun flirty conversation with a fitness model who, by the end of it, is very keen to give me her number and see me again.

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