How to pick up a hot bartender (without going to bars…)

How many times have you been around a top-tier woman everyone craved and couldn’t take their eyes off but felt impossible to get?

…the hot bartender, the sensual dancer, the model visiting a nightclub.

A view to kill for, surely, but ultimately just an unattainable fantasy for most guys who cannot overcome the incredibly fierce competition of men willing to pool in all their money and status, buying endless drinks and bottle services just to get her attention.

It’s an uphill battle not worth partaking in unless you can outbid everybody else in resources and effort.

But there is a shortcut to meeting and dating these hard-to-get women: approaching them in a totally different scenario.

Outside of their bubble of clout and where nobody else does: during daytime in the street, at a cafè or library when they feel relaxed, open, and not on a pedestal.

In such situations, if you’re charming, socially aware, and flirty you’ll immediately stand out and get the chance the remaining 99% would kill for but never receive.

For a great example of what I’m talking about watch my latest video below where I approach a stunning and very playful Argentinian bartender in the streets of Barcelona and arrange a date with her within minutes:


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