Learning Seduction is not Optional (Video)

There are 2 main areas of education that are completely overlooked by all formal and cultural teaching systems for the modern man. The irony being that these two fields are the ones that are most likely to determine your success and fulfillment. The first is money.

Unless you were born into wealth, or find mentors and methods to understand how to make your resources work for you, develop positive mindsets and know the difference between investments and liabilities, you are likely to be a wage slave forever. I’ll be dealing with this topic in depth another time.

The second is social skills and seduction. The ability to connect emotionally, understand human behavior and particularly how to release and consistently generate attraction with women is the defining skill that leads to either a rich sex & relationship life or long periods of enforced celibacy and loneliness.

Many men who have come into the seduction sphere treat this as a hobby, or a topic of interest. As if, getting good at this is optional and if they choose not to commit to mastering approaching women outside their social circles that they will somehow end up finding “the one” anyway. Wake up. Most people settle for relationships that are based on scarcity. They date directly within their social and work/study circles. The reality is that you will be choosing from a pool of around 3- 15 women. What is the chance that you’ll find a sexy girl who is truly compatible with you from that? Even if she drifts into your orbit, without the understanding of female sexual psychology and abilities to trigger it you won’t get her anyway and will spend years in the friend zone.

Who you decide to spend long periods with and later who you marry and have children with are literally the most important decisions of your life. Choosing the wrong person, or conducting a relationship from a weak, needy position will lead to divorce, losing most of your assets, fucking your kids up and wasting your peak years.

And yet, most people don’t make these decisions at all. They fall into relationships because that is the best they can find and simply let fate decide. If you have been dabbling in seduction, consuming theory from the sidelines, or occasionally chatting to women, now is the time to wake up and realize that this is a survival skill you must learn and time is running out.

Most men I know who became really good at this, made it a priority for a couple of years, or sought out mentors to speed up the process. By good, I don’t mean any particular number of lovers, or becoming a PUA god - I mean being able to get exactly the type of women you want into the relationship you want. That for me is the definition of seductive success. Take an honest look at your life and if you know deep down you can’t do that, it’s time to commit.

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