The #1 struggle when starting daygame

It’s been two very intense and action-packed weeks in the Catalan capital, working with several clients daily to make impressive breakthroughs in their dating and social results.

The main takeaway?

It’s often the thing we resist the most that we need the most.

I see it happen all the time with my students.

Guys who are highly motivated to change their seductive situation, who promptly invest serious amounts for hiring me as their coach for a few days, travel hundreds of miles to work with me personally…

…Only to find every possible excuse not to approach women and start getting the results they’re after.

The truth is that meeting new women in real life is a lot more complicated than it looks on camera.

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It takes a lot of balls and willpower to initially push through the veils of limiting beliefs society enforces on us.

From a young age, we are taught to avoid talking to strangers and settle for a small comfort bubble of friends we meet in school, through hobbies, or in the office.

If you want to become great with women, you need to ignore all that nonsense.

And realize that the world truly is your playground. You can do what you want, meet who you want. No limits.

Of course, getting good at this also requires a strong dose of empathy.

Women, unfortunately, are not always approached by cool, respectful guys with good game and intentions. Some individuals out there like to cat-call and make girls feel uncomfortable.

But do not let this fear of disturbing her prevent you from taking action.


In the end, women love to be approached by the right guy.

It’s the ultimate Hollywood fantasy: meeting a sexy stranger on the bus to the office or randomly in the street.

To learn how to become such intriguing stranger and confidently get over most triggers and mental blockages men experience when starting day game, watch my latest video linked below


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