Still afraid of talking to hot women?

It’s fascinating.

No matter how many times we cover the topic and how many hundreds of guys we coach per year, we still get the same question asked almost every week:

‘How do I overcome my fear of talking to women?’

It sure is a burning issue for most men and a very critical one.

In the end, being unable to talk to girls because of social anxiety is not just some minor sticking point but an UNPENETRABLE roadblock.


And unless you solve it rapidly and permanently, you will waste precious years of your masculine prime stuck in unwanted celibacy and scarcity.

Now, onto the good news…

This is something every man CAN solve.

I got rid of it, my coaches did, and so did countless students who attended our elite programs over the past seventeen years.

The only reason so many men are still stuck with it is that they seek a one-time ‘medicine-like’ solution when, in fact, curing approach anxiety.

Is a dynamic process.

There are just too many variables to consider when diagnosing why a guy feels paralyzing fear when at the prospect of talking to an attractive stranger.

Past traumas, hardwired conservative or religious beliefs, self-image issues, and lack of desire, to list some.

Our proven way to solve this is to work on the condition from multiple angles.

There are four main layers to this process: inner, outer, short-term, and long-term.

For example, when working in the outer dimension, you can progressively reduce anxiety by executing intermediate steps starting with holding eye contact during conversations and slowly building up to confidently approaching a stranger.

But unless you look at the full spectrum of things, your results will be short-lived.

To learn more about this topic and permanently solve your fear of talking to women, go and watch my latest video linked below now!

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