Feeling like quitting

Getting good with women it’s a process of undoing.

You don’t need to learn dozens of slick lines or stealthy tactics to build a rich and satisfying dating life.

Most men obsess about adding tons of details to their seductive skillset, bringing unnecessary confusion and slowness to their fragile interactions.

True mastery is about removing such layers of complexity.

Reverse engineering every approach to its core atom:


Fx Networks Fight GIF by Reservation Dogs

Without a clear understanding of ‘why’ you’re putting yourself out there, withstanding theinitial rejections and failures becomes quickly unbearable until you give up.

And no…

To look cool in front of my buddies’ or ‘to make my ex suffer back by seeing me with other girls’ are not good reasons to kickstart your seduction journey.

In practical terms, this is about becoming more resilient.

Embracing the struggle and beautiful chaos of this unique path not only until things get better and you start getting results but until you also fall in love with the process.

Alex, I’ll be honest with you, this is no quick-fix task…

And if you’re looking to stay in the game long-term to experience all the crazy and insane opportunities it has to offer you, you need to be driven by something more than childish wishes from your Ego.

To learn more on how to identify your unique purpose and unleash powerful intent that will make your dating and social results feel almost effortless, watch Shae’s latest video.

Link below:


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