The #1 reason why you struggle approaching (+3 ways to solve it)

Wanting to become great with women without really understanding how they think and operate is a sure path to failure and painful confusion.

When it comes to mastering the art of cold approaching, many guys fall into the pessimistic assumption that women do not want to be talked to or bothered.

That by stopping a girl in the street, she will quickly label you, at best, a nuisance or weirdo and, at worse, a creep.


This is more relevant now than it has ever been…

With feminist views on the rise and countless reports of street harassment and cat-calling being shared daily by girls on social media, it’s easy to believe that women categorically hate to be approached.

Leading to severe social anxiety and refusal to take action.

Except it’s far from the truth.

After devoting decades of my adult life to mastering the art of seducing strangers and teaching it to thousands of clients, I can easily tell you that ladies love to be approached…

…by the right man with the skills, charm, and empathy to do it properly.

Most women are so used to shit*y courtship that once they realize you’re a cool, respectful guy with good intentions, they’ll be very excited at the idea of meeting you again on a date (and if you play your cards right, jump in bed with you for hot sex 😉 ).

If you often feel discouraged when talking to hot strangers for fear of bothering them, I strongly recommend you watch our latest video below ASAP.

In it, our resident Inner Game coach Shae Matthews reveals to you 3 instant mindset shifts you can adopt to make your approaches more effective and effortless:

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