How to get & keep a hot girlfriend in 2023 (follow these steps)

It’s confusing, I get it.

Wanting to fulfill your social and sexual potential as a man is a path paved with traps and endless contradictions.

You want to be surrounded by more high-quality women, developing seductive abundance so that, one day, you’ll be able to get your dream girlfriend.


But everyone is preaching a different “big thing” you should master first to unlock the results you’re after…

Building an insanely fit body, becoming a creative artist, being rich, picking a female-favored hobby like yoga, buying bottle services in clubs, learning astrology…

So many seemingly urgent things to do that guys get discouraged and eventually fall off the wagon, leaning back into “junk habits” like Tinder or getting drunk and hitting bars.

After working with hundreds of clients over the past decade, I developed a comprehensive roadmap to progressively increase your seductive market value and attract hot, long-term partners with ease.

It involves nine core steps I personally used to get several Eastern European and exotic model girlfriends…

The first couple of steps involve so-called “quick fixes”: instant actions such as improving your hygiene, grooming, and upgrading your wardrobe.

Then we get into the meat and potatoes of deep-lasting, long-term dating change:

Figuring out the most effective dating funnels and ways to meet your target women, building a social media presence, correctly setting up multiple first dates, and screening for the right type of girl…

To access my complete 9-step map to get your dream girlfriend this year, check my latest video below and start implementing the advice I share in it ASAP if you’re serious about your results:

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