The #1 Attraction Mistake In Dating

Attraction is way too over-hyped these days.

Most men believe that to spark sexual interest in girls they need to consistently display their top game and involve them in the most intriguing conversations.

The goal is to strategically force attraction on her, often also via manipulative techniques like forging fake high-value stories or flexing your financial power so that she is down to sleep with you.

These toxic mindsets stem from a default assumption of scarcity:

‘ Women are not interested in me, so I must do something to get them to like me ‘ .

That’s the opposite of how the most elite natural seducers think and operate.

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As I often remind my students in workshops: if a girl agrees to meet you on a date, she’s already attracted to you.

You don’t have to prove yourself or impress her to move things forward.

Just be relaxed, focus on genuinely getting to know her, make incremental physical touch and often proximity plus time spent together will do the rest for you.

This is also the topic of my latest video where I interview my long-time friend and Seduction legend, Gareth Jones.

Gareth is a true OG in the industry, having spent two decades as a men’s coach and personally befriended many dating pioneers including Neil Strauss and Mystery before moving onto “Natural Game”.

Watch our video to learn how his perception of female attraction changed over the years as he transitioned from the heavily indirect, routine-based pickup philosophy of the late 90s to joining TNL and witnessing first-hand the epic advantages of direct-style Natural Seduction.

Click on the link below to watch it:

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