4 proven steps to world-conquering charm

Likability. Charm.

If you do not possess these two qualities, you end up invisible.

Over the past month, you’ve heard me talking about the importance of having an elite social crew around you that proactively helps you to enjoy more sexual and financial success.

And in my latest emails and videos, I’ve shared many practical strategies and insights to meet such high-value people, invite them into your group, and build strong collaborative relationships with them,

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But the truth is that no matter how religiously you apply my advice, no one will ever stick around if you’re not a likable and intriguing person in the first place.

It’s near impossible to build an epic, extraordinary lifestyle if you’re a socially-awkward, boring person.

In fact, most successful men and hot women out there spend time only with people who are stimulating and from whom they can always learn or experience something new.

I’ll be honest with you…

Becoming more charming is not something you can do overnight by learning some formula.

It’s also not something you can fake by recording yourself doing cool adventurous stuff like skydiving or traveling to exotic locations and posting it on Instagram.

Real fascination is not really created by extraordinary experiences––it’s the way you approach and interact with reality.

If you’re committed to unlocking powerful charm, check my latest video linked below. In it, I reveal 4 life-changing habits anyone can practice to become irresistible to most people within months.


P.S. Looking to take your personal charm skills to the next level?

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Charm School is a large database with dozens of resources––sent to Academy students every week––including book recommendations, niche psychology & politics keynotes, poems, articles, scientific reviews, and videos that are guaranteed to help you stimulate your mind and develop a more objective, culturally-rich worldview.

What sets apart the LDA, however, is the incredible vastity of new people, specialists, and thinkers you’ll be exposed to during the eight months of mentoring.

This is no standard online course.

The LDA is a live digital program where you receive ongoing real-time coaching from me, a select group of world-class guests including my mentors, as well as literally hundreds of fellow lifestyle designers on your same path who love to collaborate and support each other.

Here’s how one of our newest members who just joined puts it:


This revolutionary, hybrid methodology of coaching is guaranteed to help you become the most interesting man in the room, in every room you go.

Ready to build an epic life?

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