Sorry, I have a boyfriend…

Can you seduce women who are in committed relationships? If so, what are the methods to effectively handle the most common objection in Seduction? Read this to find out

Four words no man wants to hear

If you have been living and breathing seduction for several years as I have, you probably know that the better you get, and the more dates you’ve been on, the more you can start to sort of see through the Matrix and predict” female behavior.

Every time a girl gives you trouble, you can refer to this huge mind-bank of past seductions and answer in a way that moves things forward.

But in my experience as a TNL coach, there is one situation when both total beginners and even more advanced guys become confused and don't know what to do...

The moment when the adorable girl they just stopped in the street cuts them off with four very feared words:

I have a boyfriend

These words have been confusing men into researching the most effective & sneaky strategies to seduce women who are in committed relationships since the dawn of time.

Usually, guys see this as a very black-and-white kind of scenario…

Either she’s open to cheating on her partner, and so there’s reason to continue the interaction, or she is loyal, you’re totally wasting your time and should retreat immediately.

Let’s analyze all your options briefly…

When it comes to successfully seducing girls in relationships you will often encounter three types of scenarios.

The first scenario is a girl who doesn’t mention her boyfriend at all, or briefly talks about him but keeps being flirtatious and acting as if she was single and available.

With this kind of girl, all you need to do is treating like a normal seduction without making a big deal out of her relationship status. 

That means proposing her the idea of a date, taking her number, and then hitting her up to organize the meet up without mentioning the boyfriend AT ALL.

The second kind of situation you might find yourself in is a girl who is obviously attracted, happy, and turned on at the idea of dating you but feels a bit guilty about going on a date with another man

The key here is leaving the girl time to get to know you and relax in your presence, so she can make the best decision possible for herself without you forcing it on her in any way.

In this case, I recommend you do not put lots of pressure on her by organizing a very romantic date in a cool bar at candlelight, but treat the whole experience as something very relaxed and light-hearted (e.g go for a tea, or just have a cool walk around the city).

No matter how good you are, many women will still say NO

Finally, you will also meet plenty of women who are very loyal and adamant about not cheating on their partner.

While in this case, you have very little room to maneuver and nothing romantic or sexual might happen in the short-term, you can still gain many incredible benefits by befriending a girl in a serious relationship.

For example, she can become your wing-girl, a business collaborator, a gatekeeper to more hot women, and even a future lover, if you know how to handle her.

This is the topic of my latest video I just released: what to do when she has a boyfriend.

Check it out by clicking on this link.

Hope this more advanced kind of content helps you and inspires you to try new things in order to become a more attractive guy and waste no good opportunities.

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