Poor Voice = Poor Connection

Before you learn what to say to women, you need to be heard by women. Let’s start with that…

Why women ignore you

Yes, I do.



Frankly, I think that most of us, me included, have been in the uncomfortable situation of initiating a conversation with a girl who often goes silent and replies in monosyllables.

Men dread this type of situation, and so they try to make up for it by using what the Seduction Community calls “plowing”, a stream of consciousness-like conversation technique in which you are supposed to talk endlessly to eventually hit an interesting topic and win her attention back.

Now, I’m not against any of that, but I think that does not answer the most important question…

Why is she ignoring you?

It might shock you but in my many years of coaching for TNL, I have realized that the solution to this situation is as easy as doing two things: speak slower, and articulate your words more clearly.

Often women do not engage in the conversation just because they do not understand what you’re saying or talking about. 

One thing is just speaking to someone, another one is being heard. And if you want to have people engage with you more you must make sure your voice and tonality are matching your intentions.

Training your voice

It all begins by assessing how good your current Vocal Projection is. 

That is your ability to speak clearly and powerfully enough without straining your vocal cords. 

Projection is not just about basic volume and power, but also very important to make your words and sentences more impactful at an emotional level.




We’re looking at developing your voice from different angles, making it not just louder or more attractive, but also more effective.

The first bit of coaching advice I have for you is to just speak slower

Perhaps this sounds just like common sense to you, but I can guarantee that unless you’ve received some vocal training in the past––as an actor or singer––you’re probably often speaking at a much faster pace than you need to.

Making a conscious effort of speaking slowly brings many incredible benefits to your communication. 

Firstly, it makes your voice sound deeper.

It goes without saying that a nice, deep, voice is much attractive to women than a high-pitched, squeaky one.

Secondly, it helps you express your full range of emotions better. This is very important for guys who often sound too flat or “boring” in their conversations as well as men who have problems communicating their sexual intent.   

To find out my favorite vocal training exercises, check out my latest video by clicking HERE

I hope this clip helps you to realize how an external sticking point becomes way easier to get rid of when you’re developing your Inner world in conjunction.

This is one of the most unique and distinctive features that make the TNL coaching methodology so well-rounded and effective for many different men who are joining our programs with very diverse goals.

While most seduction companies nowadays either concentrate on pure techniques and outer drills or solely on inner spirituality work, such as breaking free from childhood trauma, we integrate all of them into the most comprehensive model of seduction, masculine embodiment & lifestyle ever created.

If these are areas of your life you consider yourself not fully happy with at the moment and are willing to invest time & resources to pro-actively rewrite your future social & romantic success, consider joining one of my upcoming workshops.

Click HERE to check the next training dates. 

I wish you all the best,


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