Should you ever pay on a 1st date? (avoid this trap)

Taking women out for expensive dates is never a good idea.

The Hollywood tale of treating girls to luxurious dinners and gifts will only contribute, in the vast majority of cases, to creating a skewed relationship dynamic built around impressing women to build attraction.

To be fair, I rarely take girls out for anything more than a hot tea because that’s more than enough to move forward in the seductive process.

I don’t need to incentivize their interest.

It’s my character and skill-set that gets the job done.

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Don’t confuse any of this, however, with being stingy.

If you truly like a girl and have the resources to invite her to your favorite Italian restaurant, by all means, do it.

Just realize that is not necessary and don’t expect something in return from her.

At the same time, make sure you don’t pick someone that just wants to be around you for whatever expensive experiences you might provide to her.

Which leads us to the question:

Who should pay on the first date?

And what if she never proposes to split the bill?

To find out the answers, watch my latest in-depth video on the topic by clicking on the link below:

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