2 Steps To Date Models (Field-tested!)

Know what separates the most elite women from regular cute girls?


Most model-looking types out there are bombarded online by hundreds of men every day clamoring to get their attention.

Just look on Instagram…

Young girls in their late teens and early twenties with tens, if not hundreds, of thousands of thirsty followers hoping to get something from them.

It’s a twisted validation game that makes it harder than ever to get on dates with the true world-class stunners out there.

But you still have a solid chance if you tailor your seduction strategies to the unique needs of this niche demographic of women. It’s very unlikely you’ll pick them up online but with a calm natural style approach on the street, you definitely have a chance.

See, after over 15 years of my personal and coaching experience in approaching and dating models, I’ve realized that high levels of beauty do not really affect your dating outcomes, provided you follow two main rules:

First, don’t make a big deal out of the fact that she’s a model.

Once she tells you, comment on it briefly and then move on. She’s already aware of her beauty and unique lifestyle. To stand out, focus on challenging and validating what’s truly unique about her as a person (i.e., her character and vibe).

Second, always get her number, not her Instagram.

Unless you also have a world-class, influencer-level profile, avoid becoming one of the zillions guys who message her on social media. Even if you met in person and the conversation was good, she will likely ignore you online because you easily disappear into the mass of online noise.

To learn more about this topic, and witness one of my brave students approaching and seducing a stunning Ukrainian model in front of the camera, watch my latest video. Link below:

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