Make Seduction Fun (3 rules)

Seduction can really be so much fun. Don’t believe me? Are you a “serious robot man” who is doing precisely what he needs to do because this person said do it and he will do it exactly “right”? This is the guy that women are incredibly uncomfortable to be around.

This high standard that he is holding himself manifests in rigidity of behavior. Unattractive. Being playfully flirtatious is a must to enjoying an interaction. Allowing yourself to loosen up and be happier gives the woman the feeling that you will be a pleasure to hang out with. So, the 3 simple rules to make seduction fun are:

Rule #1. Lower you standards for what you believe is great conversation

In talking to tons women, I found that lowering my standards for what makes great conversation is how I started having great conversations. Seduction material typically tells men time and time again that your conversation needs to be serious, to ask questions like “Why do you love this and that?” or “What is your deepest passion?”. At times this will be vital in getting her to open her heart to you, but great conversation is creative and spontaneous. For example, ask her “If you could live one place for the rest of your life, where would you live?”. Or if things stall out in a conversation you can say, “Make one assumption about me and I will tell you if it’s true.” When you lower the standard the pressure is immediately lifted, so you can stop being so damn serious and start having fun.

Rule #2. Say as you feel and do as you feel

To feel happier in an interaction, start saying whatever you want, doing whatever you want, and OWNING IT! Most of man’s frustration in an interaction will stem from being disconnected from the moment and being stuck in their head. On top of that, they worry about how they are being perceived by the woman. To truly be light-hearted and playful is the key. Say whatever you want and do whatever you want. This freedom will free the woman up as well. She will feel the energy coming off of you, which will allow her to open up. Which brings us to Rule 3...

Rule #3. Be slow and enjoy the interaction

So many men rush an interaction to get to the end. If you do, you will miss out on how she is really feeling behind her words and movements. Women tell you so much without saying much. Enjoy the silence between you two, enjoy how she acts, how she speaks. But most importantly, enjoy the fact that you’re creating an opportunity for you both. Being slow and enjoying the interaction will help you to elicit fun.


Understand that these 3 rules for making seduction fun will completely help you if you make sure to still simmer down your energy and really connect at times. Be responsive to her in order to make the most of whatever you're doing. Above all, have fucking fun! By being a free man in front of women, you give them that same gift of freedom. Click HERE to learn more about seduction. Until next time my fellow seducers, peace.


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