5 Top Seduction Tips For Shy Guys

Shy guys often wonder if they’ll ever meet a girl. Some of them turn to the internet for seduction tips. This can be confusing when they come across extroverted ‘life-of-the-party’ style pickup artists and seduction coaches.

“Could that really be me?” They ask, wondering if they’ll ever be able to feel comfortable in a nightclub.

The good news is, you don’t have to! Here are my 5 Top Seduction Tips For Shy Guys:

1. You don’t have to be high energy

If you’ve ever watched infield videos of James Marshall you’ll see that he’s cool, calm and collected, almost to the point of being boring. A natural introvert, he likes to keep things low key. Many guys assume that because some pickup artists they watch shout and yell and are high energy, that this is the ONLY way to meet girls. If you are a shy guy, this is going to make things WORSE for you, as you burn up your energy, stress yourself out, and adopt behaviours that don’t fit your natural temperament. Low energy can be as powerful, if not more powerful approach, as it gives the girl space and time to relax, get to know you, and allows sexual tension to develop.

2. Some girls think shy guys are cute

Not every girl wants a muscle bound suit wearing rich guy. Some girls find shy guys cute and endearing. Does this mean you can just ‘be yourself’? Not exactly. You still need to approach women, show sexual intent, and make a move. But it doesn’t have to be super smooth. Awkwardness transforms into sexual tension if she likes you.

3. Sometimes the girl is just as shy as you

Many guys think that all girls are the same. Some are confident, and some are super shy! Knowing this helps you to stop interpreting every awkward moment as your fault… sometimes she’s just nervous too.

4. Speaking less is better

You don’t have to dominate the conversation. In fact, leaving space for her to talk puts more pressure on her to invest in the conversation, allows you to listen more and find out about her. This is a good chance to give her a flirtatious look with your eyes to turn friendly chit chat into sexually charged conversation.

5. With practice you will relax

Rejection is good! If you are shy, the best thing you can do is go an get rejected. You will start to realize it’s not so bad, and avoid becoming obsessed over trying to make the seduction go perfectly. Learning to be relaxed and comfortable after rejection is a vital skill for the rest of your life. Go get rejected today!

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