6 Ways to Build Insane Chemistry on Dates

Guys are obsessed with finding newer ways to meet hotter women…

Whether on apps, at clubs, through their social groups, or even by learning cold approach––the thirst for more is insatiable.

But they pay little thought to another fundamental part of the seductive process:

How to Have Successful Dates

No matter how many women you talk to or how good you get at striking up conversations with strangers, “just going with the flow” when you see her again is a one-way ticket to the friendzone, or having to go through multiple awkward dates that often lead nowhere.

This doesn’t mean you should overly plan or structure your dates to the point they become scripted, but you must know how to move things forward

Sparking up chemistry and building sexual tension so that getting intimate and taking her home becomes effortless.

In my latest video, I share a 30-minute sneak peek into one of our live workshop classes where I coach multiple students and reveal 6 ways to rock your first dates.

Check it out below:

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