How to propel spiritual growth (no drugs, no hippies)

Inner exploration can lead to tremendous self-growth…

…Or grandiose delusions.

See, the real purpose of spirituality and meditation systems out there is to assist you in unlocking higher states of consciousness and clarity of focus.

I’m a big advocate of them, but they’re just tools, although powerful ones.

The moment you elevate them to ‘absolute truths’ and become too obsessed and dogmatic about them, they lose their effectiveness and start damaging your life.

Trust me, I’ve been there…


Trying to live a celibate, stoic monastic life in my mid-twenties.

Meditating several hours every single day and restraining from all earthly pleasures.


I’ll let you decide how that went 😉

Paradoxically, this fanatical ‘all in’ approach to spirituality that many advertise is the exact reason why the majority of men never get involved with inner practices in the first place.


They don’t want to turn into dazed hippies dancing around campfires or restrict everything as if they live in a monastery.


If you are interested in getting started in spirituality but want to skip all the nonsense, watch my latest video below.

In it, I and our executive Inner game Coach, Shae Matthews, break down the most effective ways to kickstart your spiritual & character growth without having to subscribe to absurd dogmas.


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