How To Date 22 Models In 2022 – The Ultimate Guide

If you’ve ever wondered how to consistently date the top 5% of beautiful women…

The models, the fitness influencers, the club dancers, Strippers & OnlyFans stars, the sexy cosplay girls, I have great news for you today.

My Lifestyle Design Academy is finally LIVE!

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Now, in order to start bringing more of these high-level women into your life, you need to understand something first…

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In most cases, cold approach seduction is not enough.

That’s because these top-tier females are NOT normally found in the streets and bars most guys go to, ready to be approached. They’re part of exclusive high-barrier social scenes designed by strategic groups of men to enjoy them without having to compete for their attention with the rest of the world.

Sure, if you are really stubborn and approach thousands of new women every year, eventually you might be lucky to score a couple of those rare birds.


But with the right tools and blueprint to follow, you can 10X your results by strategically designing a Seductive Lifestyle that does the hard work for you, often passively on autopilot.


After spending the first 17 years of my adult life learning how to do this myself, I now teach it to my private 1-on-1 students as a simple 3-step process to max out their social & dating lives.

The first step is Targeting

Before you start attracting models and high-status women in your life on autopilot, you need to understand where and who these girls normally hang out with. Your bombshell fitness trainer will probably not spend her nights and free time in the same places and with the same crew that a hot tattooed BDSM queen would.

For the former, it would probably be a VIP social circle with other health-conscious people, probably not obsessed with crazy partying and more devoted to private daytime events, exclusive dinners, yoga retreats, and so on. For the latter, a very Elite group of practitioners that meet in underground settings and rarely accept new members.

Once you have targeted the precise social scene you want to access, finally you need to find an entry point or–as we call it in the Lifestyle Design Academy–a “Gatekeeper”.

These figures are normally not so hard to find. They are the connectors, they know everyone, and for this reason, and are social butterflies. With the right system, you can confidently approach them and proceed to…


The second step: Penetrating & Building Bonds

When you find a gatekeeper, it is paramount that you know precisely how to connect with him or her and offer unique value in exchange for being introduced to his social scene.

This is the most delicate moment in the entire Lifestyle Design process and where most men fail and never get to access those top 5% of women.

For example, if you want to seduce stunning club dancers and you approach a well-connected nightclub owner asking him to introduce you to his girls without offering anything in return, he will probably categorize you as another thirsty dude and forever ban you from his network.

And when that happens, your reputation is burned and you might have to wait a long time before coming across another good opportunity.

The key to getting this right the first time is knowing how to read everyone’s emotional blueprint and offer in return something valuable (e.g., help their business, give them advice, introduce them to a new network, etc) they would not be able to find anywhere else.

If you get this right, you’ll be able to enter their social environment right from a top position in its hierarchy, with attractive factors like status and power working for you as a result of being introduced as an honorable guest.

This brings us to…


The third step: Leveraging it all

The moment you get access to a VIP social scene your goal should be to create as much Leverage as you can, as fast as possible.

This means accumulating many new social assets such as great friends, lovers, business allies, and other people that you can make part of a larger social ecosystem that works proactively to help you get more hot women, connections, and income streams on autopilot.


A primary example of this is what I and my private student call “booty calls by referral”.

If you seduce and sleep with a model and she tells her friends that you are a guy who is chill, good in bed, and will treat them with respect, of course, they’ll take this option on recommendation over a random rich guy in a club or tinder hookup. Think of it like YELP reviews for sex:) This may sound crazy but it’s a common practice in female social circles. There are often a couple of reliable stuntc*cks handed around female groups, and, as long as you is discrete and treat everyone well, the ladies are happy to share.

If you found the information inside this email useful, this is just the tip of the educational iceberg of what I will teach you the moment you join my Lifestyle Design Academy.


And if you’re really serious about dating the most exclusive women on the planet and building a cool network of epic friends & allies, join me and your LDA brothers right NOW because…

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Hope to see you on the first day of class.



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