How to Hack the Sexual Market & Dominate Dating

What are your sexual options in this day and age?

The truth is likely far more than you realize.

We have all heard of how unfair and hyper-selective the modern sexual market is.

Hypergamy, looks over personality, gold-digger’s easy to complain and feel discouraged…

But what are you also doing to turn the odds in your favor?

The sad reality is that most men who bitterly criticize the functioning of the sexual market are not even taking part in it…


…because they passively withdraw from it by avoiding taking action and lament that they lack the right amounts of looks, status, and wealth.

When you constantly measure yourself against celebrities, studs, and the uber-rich it’s easy to feel unattractive and hopeless.

Yet, that’s merely a mindset trap.

Because you do NOT have to outrival any of those top-level men to enjoy the dating results you’re after.

The beauty of the sexual market is that it’s not a single, limited scenario where you either win all or remain lonely forever.

It’s an infinite, ever-changing social organism made out of countless subgroups and social scenes.

And by developing strong seductive skills and actively going after opportunities––for example by approaching beautiful strangers in real life––you’ll be able to smoothly access new markets, where you are at the top of the food chain, to date far above your league.

At the end of the day, you don’t have to be the best option on the planet for her to sleep with you…but the best she meets, at the right moment.

To find out more about how the modern sexual market exactly works and how to hack it to become her #1 option, check my latest video:

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