How to get dates this summer

Summer is finally here, which means for proactive men with a little street hustle.. endless possibilities for igniting hot dating opportunities.

Or it means another humid stretch of frustration and inaction, mixed with the FOMO as the world seems to have fun and get laid without you.

The difference is the ability to connect with strangers.

Not only through a focussed cold approach, using “game” to maximize your chances.

Just as importantly it’s through embodying a social vibe, closing the gap between you and people in general while flexing your conversational skills, allowing you to hit flow states where true “natural” game occurs.

Men who can genuinely enjoy the company of strangers and women – having a joke, a flirt or passing special moment, regardless of whether it becomes a seduction – get massive results over time.

Ironically by not always focusing on getting the girl.

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Knowing how to have fun and just enjoy socializing with strangers will do a lot more for your seductive skills, charisma, and confidence than just plowing through approaches with a win/lose mentality.

Of course when it’s time to pull the trigger; make your intent crystal clear and go for it.

But also learn to break the ice, vibe, and enjoy the human interactions that build so many correlating skills and you might have some fun as well along the way:)

In my latest video, I bounce around gorgeous Barcelona on my recent coaching trip and show first hand how to get loose and meet a heap of cool and sexy people in a couple of hours, without anything flashy or scripted.

By the end I’ve made some good pals, had some laughs, and lined up a few dates.

Check it out HERE.

When you get in the flow and make the city feel like your social and seductive playground and then you come across a girl you’re attracted to.. reaching out and starting a natural, cool, improvisational, and confidently seductive interaction becomes easy.

Whereas, fixating on only ever attempting to talk to specific types of hotties while ignoring and avoiding all other possible social interactions tends to lead to slow or stagnant progress, as too much pressure is put on performing in zero-sum attempts to pick up a woman.

Unfortunately, many guys just buckle under the pressure and end up sitting the summer out.

Check out the new video to learn how to kick-start your dating life this summer.

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