I tied a sexy model during a live podcast…

Most women want kinky sex.

Yes, even the most innocent-looking, relationship-type girl has latent wild fantasies waiting to be expressed with an expert lover she can trust.

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For decades, kinky techniques and aspects of sex remained secluded from mainstream society, being taught only within underground subcultures in BDSM dungeons and tantric retreats.

However, as sexual taboos loosen, and information spreads uncontrollably on social media, more and more women are getting intrigued by the ‘darker’ and wilder aspects of sexual possibility.

Now more than ever is the time you must learn how to take women beyond what they’re used to in bed, turning their fantasies into reality, or get left behind as an average unimaginative lay.

To give you a practical insight into how intrigued girls are by kinky play, I just uploaded a 40-min extract from a podcast I recently joined where I, along with some close friends and three hot models dive deep into BDSM, roleplay, Tantra, and the crazies fantasies women don’t usually tell you about.

As you will see, the foxy ladies in the video get so intrigued by the way I describe bondage & BDSM, that Disha and Saba jump at the chance to be tied up right then and there in the studio, with raunchy results.

To watch this mind-bending, hilarious podcast, check the link below (you can also access the full unedited podcast by clicking on the link in the description).

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