To be or not to be dominant?

Do you often struggle being dominant in bed, or can you confidently take charge of your lovers’ mind, body and pleasure?

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Lots of men feel some degree of shame about harnessing their natural dominance tendencies, as they may perceive it as an ultimately selfish, or even toxic expression of their masculinity, that degrades women and does not take in account their needs, settling instead for a safer vanilla mentality and type of lovemaking.

Although this comes from a good place, it’s a mistaken attitude, because so many women crave to be led and taken by a confident and caring man.

Are dominant men all assh*les?

Do women want these type of men ?

And what do ladies actually want in the bedroom?

This is exactly what I answer in my latest video where I sit down with my old friend and frequent channel guest Dr.Saida Desilets. You can watch it HERE.

We examine every aspect of the dilemma, and Saida’s decades of scientific research as a sexologist and psychologist working with thousands of women to unleash their ultimate erotic beings, helps us to shine light on several female sexuality truths and nuances that far too many guys are unaware of.

To find out what we discovered, check the video below…and remember to keep an open mind 😉

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