How To Escape The Daily Grind

Take a moment to think about what you commonly do that gets in your way.

Stuck In the Matrix

Let me ask you something.

Do you get stuck in traffic every morning on your way to a job you hate, just to earn money to buy things that will impress people you don’t even like? How did it end up that way? At what point did you get caught in this loop of living a life for someone else, forsaking your dreams to please other people?

The reality is that most people are living their lives this way, and are missing out on the fundamental and beautiful existence of reality itself. In the western world we’re so caught up in looking for external things to fulfil us. Looking for external proof or evidence that we’re worthwhile as individuals, trying to find the keys to happiness.

This ultimately distracts us from the more important things in life. The important things like connecting to the moment, connecting to friends, learning to get into your body and understanding what it means to be embodied.

My question to you is, who do you really want to become?

Living An Intentional Life

That single question is how you start becoming an artist. I don’t mean a painter or dancer, but someone who taps into the art of life. A man who can generate the life that he wants to live, instead of living in a way that will satisfy the world around you but leave you feeling hollow and empty.

The process to creating that life is not what it often seems. Guys commonly have a desire for an easy path or solution, thinking that with limited practice and effort they will get the outcome they want very fast.

Unfortunately there is no simple 3 step method with a clear expectation outlined at the end. But as you let go of the end result, that thing you’re seeking which will finally make you happy and fulfilled, you can embrace the process for what it is. Learn to accept and have room for challenge, difficulty and growth, all things that accompany any journey.

Part of embracing the process is actually embarking on that journey in the first place. Sadly most guys don’t even bother to work towards what they really want in life. We’ve made it incredibly simple for you to start approaching, which is something I’m sure you’ve always wanted to be able to do, by putting together a 3-Week course called the ‘Dating Accelerator’. Over 3 weeks you’ll be learning the essentials you need to start approaching; no dense theory or pick up lines, but just simple nuts and bolts advice on how to approach her, how to strike up a conversation, how to get her number, and how to take her on a date. Click here to learn more about the Dating Accelerator.

If you want a life that is fulfilling with experiences that make you feel alive, it’s really important to get out of your own way. Recognize that you are the narrator and creator of your own story.


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Rewriting The Tale

Take a moment to think about what you commonly do that gets in your way.

Do you think about things too much?

Do you often hesitate before taking action?

Are you scared of risks?

Often these are archaic defense mechanisms we established early on to keep us safe. And we can be thankful for them because they got us to where we are today. But ultimately the question becomes:

Are you ready to let go of your old patterns and start living a new life?

You need to recognize that you’re not stuck in the past any more.

There is a living, breathing moment here, right now, that is open for you to connect with. What are you waiting for?

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