Do You Run Out Of Things To Say When Talking To Women?

If you have a fear of rejection and you stuck when you talk to women then you should read this article.

Don’t Let This Simple Problem Stop You From Connecting With Women

One of the greatest fears men have is getting stuck in a conversation with a woman and running out of things to say.

Even if they feel confident enough to approach a woman, whether its on the street, at a work function or a house party, they’ll soon run out of things to say. Eventually it will get awkward, the girl will think they’re weird and they leave before it becomes way too uncomfortable.

The surprising thing is that what you think is the problem, running out of things to say, is the tip of the iceberg of a much bigger problem that most guys don’t even see.

Symptom or Sickness?

Instead of focusing on running out of things to say, we need to instead look at why you’re the one forced to be coming up with things to say in the first place.

If you think back to your interactions with women, what is your intention? What are you trying to do?

Is it more important that you make a good impression? That you demonstrate how clever, or interesting, or valuable you are to her?

Or are you more interested in finding out about her?

If it’s the former, that’s why you’re running out of things to say. The focus becomes “how can I make sure I get this girls number, that she’ll go out on a date with me, that she’ll sleep with me?”. And so everything that you do is about demonstrating why she should like you, which is a LOT of work. Of course you’re going to have to continuously think of new things to say, because otherwise she’ll get bored, think you’re a waste of time and walk off.

In reality displaying how interesting you are isn’t going to get you very far. Women aren’t actively seeking a man who never runs out of things to say.

Instead, they’d much prefer a man who is able to listen.

The Golden Ticket

Instead of trying to come up with things to say, you should instead be focused on listening to her.

Most conversations we have, whether it’s with family or friends or coworkers, involve very little listening. Generally people are just waiting for their turn to talk or to demonstrate how knowledgeable or opinionated they are about the topic being discussed.

So from now on, why not try listening to people? I mean, REALLY listening to them. Actually taking in what a person says and going deeper into the topic, asking a question that shows you’re listening.

In our 5 week online course, the 5 Principles of Natural Seduction, we spend a full 7 days focused on becoming a better listener through the principle of Emotional Connection. It’s really hard to build an emotional connection with a woman if you’re not actually listening to what they’re saying. But if you can listen, and I mean truly listen, you can start to delve deeper into who they are underneath the surface, what is important to them, and ultimately, if their values align with yours. You can get instant access by clicking here

If you actually shut up for a moment and listen to what a woman is saying, you’ll find that you never run out of things to say. Either she’ll say something that will give you a new topic to talk about, or she’ll feel uncomfortable with the silence and ask you a question instead.

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