How to deal with crazy b*tchy hot women (try this)

Ever seen a woman belittle their husband or boyfriend in front of others? He takes it and retreats or sarcastically bites back.

Either way it’s an ugly insight into a relationship dynamic that can happen to anyone.

Most girls, especially the very hot ones, deeply crave a strong man who can stand his ground.

But in today’s society, real, solid, independent men are getting harder and harder to come by.

Drained by chronic use of porn and socially weakened through atomized communities and by meeting women only via dating apps, many guys have become so needy, they’d tolerate anything to get laid and get a cute girlfriend.

Even if you luck apon a hottie who likes the attention.. while it might feel exciting and novel, for the first couple of weeks, to date a servile, agreeing, overly-providing type of man, the vast majority of women will inevitably get bored and turned off by it soon into the relationship.

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That’s when the constant nagging, or ‘testing’, begins.

A woman will make her man’s life hell when she feels there’s no consequences, and the man doesn’t command any respect in general.

Whereas, if he’s able to state clear boundaries, and to underwrite his authority by having command of his life and the life he brings her into, most women will become picky kittens.

Set your boundaries soon, set them as early as possible, and don’t be afraid to enforce them.

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