How To Become A Hot Guy (My tested method)

Hot guys have it much easier in dating.

It would be absurd trying to deny it.

Women will always pick a man who is attractive over several more average options.

The good news, however, is that what “hot” and “sexy” mean to women is something radically different than it does to men.

For most girls, hotness in guys is not merely physical but vastly connected to behavioral traits as well as to perceived social value.

We all have met men who were constantly smashing around with stunners despite not being model-looking or over six feet tall.

In fact, I highly suggest next time you meet one of such unicorns you don’t get envious but instead carefully study every move he makes.

Once you do, you’ll be quick to realize that certain male traits are universally considered attractive and sexy by most women.

Things like being the organizer of a cool event, or being creative and cultivating artistic passions on the side.

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Yet, probably the powerful and magnetic quality a man can own is being capable of saying no to women.

After all, having firm dating standards and politely rejecting people who do not conform to them is the exact thing most attractive women do.

It’s the strongest indicator of non-neediness and abundance a guy can display, but something only a tiny fraction has the courage and confidence to pull off.

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