How to approach two or more women (group seduction 101)

Very commonly, gorgeous women are seen in pairs or groups.

If you’re unable to approach a duo, you’ll miss out on huge numbers of good seduction opportunities

Beautiful women are people magnets, always surrounded by girlfriends and men competing for their attention.

So if you want to have a chance to get them on dates, you have to know how to deal with their group.

This puts a lot of pressure on guys who think they need to pull off some major social stunt, win the crowd over, and spin multiple plates, trying to keep all the friends entertained.

Or even worse, they solely focus on their “target” and ignore her friend even when she’s standing two feet away, meaning you come across as rude and socially uncalibrated.

The good news is, succeeding at group dynamics is a lot easier than you think.

All you have to do, whether it’s just one girlfriend or a mixed ensemble of five or more people, is show that you’re a cool and socially aware guy.

Divide your social attention 70/30 between your girl and her friend, while directing 100/0 seductive intent at the pair.

friends girls GIF by Little Mix

Once you do, you’ll be surprised to discover that her friends will often assist you rather than cockblock.

Watch my latest video to learn how to properly deal with groups and approach two or more women.

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