How not to quit (the path to dating mastery)

Success at any craft requires consistent, diligent practice.

We are all very aware of the importance of hard work by now.

So why aren’t most guys getting the results they’re after in dating, career, or life simply by just…pushing harder?

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It can be convenient to blame it all on laziness, lack of discipline, or bad luck.

But the reality IS that the vast majority of men out there get it completely wrong when it comes to progressing at anything past the beginner stage.

I’ve just uploaded a new video covering the true path to skill development & mastery I’ve learned through years of coaching students and seeing them evolve daily.

Reality is that putting in the hours is a very effective strategy and possibly the fastest way to experience growth––when you’re a novice.

Eventually, as you dive deeper into any skill, you’ll start getting less and less ROI out of your time spent practicing the same way over and over.

This is what Seth Godin calls ‘the dip’: the phase of your journey where nothing seems to work anymore, and you’re the most likely to quit.

And many people do give up.

But you don’t have to be one of them! In my latest video, I reveal the smart and proven way to actually keep improving and skyrocket your results discovered in a decade of personal and teaching experience.

Click on the link below to watch it:


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